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Application Security


Application security is the processes of securing Apps using various tools and practices from threats throughout the entire application lifecycle. Cyber criminals are very organized, specialized, and motivated to find and exploit vulnerabilities in enterprise applications to steal data, intellectual property, and sensitive information. Application security can help organizations protect all kinds of applications (desktop, server, web, mobile) used by internal and external partners including customers, business partners and employees.


Application Security Assessment can be performed in various way. Cyber Experts can help performing SAST or DAST.


Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is white box test, scan the application source files, accurately identifies the root cause and helps remediate the underlying security flaws before put in the production. Programmer /Developer Benefits of Static Application Security Testing:

  • Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in source, binary, or byte code

  • Review static analysis scan results in real-time with access to recommendations, line-of-code navigation to find vulnerabilities faster and collaborative auditing.

  • Fully integrated with the Integrated Developer Environment (IDE)


Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) is blackbox test, simulates controlled penetration attacks on a running web application or service to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in a running environment.

  • Provides a comprehensive view of application security by focusing on what’s exploitable and covering all components (server, custom code, open source, services)

  • Can be integrated into Dev, QA and Production to offer a continuous holistic view

  • Dynamic analysis enables a broader approach to manage large portfolio of risk

  • Tests functional app, so unlike SAST, is not language constrained and runtime and environment-related issues can be discovered.